Orthopaedic and Joint Surgery


The AB Plus Multi-Specialty Hospital’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery provides the most comprehensive health care system, the latest treatments and technologies, and services comparable to the best available. We are committed to treating musculoskeletal disorders and perform more joint replacement surgeries than any other facility in the state. Our team comprises internationally renowned surgeons and medical and rehabilitative specialists.


  • Stiffness caused by injury, arthritis, or ageing will be alleviated.
  • There is a significant reduction in pain, to the point where there is no pain at all.
  • Dependence on others reduces when the person gains the ability to perform things on their own without stiffness or discomfort.

Our Team

Meet our team of renowned medical professionals at AB Plus multi-specialty hospital.

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We are trusted for our expertise and chosen for our care because we prioritise our patients where empathy and recovery meet.


Knee replacement gives pain relief, greater mobility, and a higher quality of life for the majority of patients. Furthermore, most knee replacements are predicted to last longer than 15 years. Most daily activities, such as shopping and minor housekeeping, can be resumed three to six weeks after surgery.

Infection of the wound is one of the possible consequences. Antibiotics are normally used to treat this, but the incision might grow infected and necessitate more surgery. Unexpected leakage into the knee joint damage to the ligaments, arteries, or nerves around the knee joint.