Gastrointestinal and General Surgery


Gastrointestinal surgery is a surgical procedure that eliminates the tumour’s benign, malignant, or damaged component of the tract, such as the intestine. It also fixes other medical conditions, such as a hernia.


  • It helps in the management of type 2 diabetes
  • It regulates high cholesterol
  • It modulates the sleep cycle and aids in the treatment of sleep apnea
  • It helps reduce hypertension

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A laparoscope is used throughout the surgery. This is a long, thin piece of equipment with a light source at the tip that shines light into the abdomen. Images are sent through a lens at the tip of the device to a video display, which the surgeon and OT staff may view. Surgery is accomplished by introducing different devices through small incisions.

Internal medicine physicians primarily care for people and specialise in disease prevention, diagnosis, and management. In contrast, general practitioners are similar to family practitioners in that they can treat patients of any gender or age.