Critical Care


Critical Care is one of the specialised healthcare units that deals with patients who have serious life-threatening diseases or injuries. Continuous diagnosis, thorough monitoring, and organ transplant assistance are often required to expedite recovery by addressing the condition.


  • Faster recovery of patients due to better treatment compliance.
  • There is a lower risk of secondary infections.
  • Improved patient satisfaction due to better clinical outcomes
  • increased medical efficiency and performance, which shortened the patient’s stay.

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Critical care is often referred to as intensive care. A hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) provides critical care treatment. Patients who may be suffering from a major sickness or injury are cared for around the clock by a specially trained crew.

By gathering, distributing, and transmitting evidence-based information important to intensivists, Critical Care seeks to enhance the care of critically sick patients. The goal of Critical Care is to offer a thorough review of the critical care sector.