Dr. Mahendra Narwaria

Bariatric, Gi, And Robotic Surgeon
More than 20 years

Dr. Mahendra Narwaria is a pioneer in Indian bariatric surgery. He has completed over 7000 bariatric operations to date. He is recognised as a bariatric surgery centre of excellence. He has been named the Times Group’s 2019 health icon. With a 20-year legacy, his patients have access to all bariatric surgical procedures under his supervision.

  • Postgraduate in General Surgery – B J Medical College, Ahmedabad, (1996)
  • Surgical Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic Surgery – Sanjay Gandhi Post-graduate Institute (SGPGI), Lucknow

Limca Book of Record-2015 for

  1. Operating maximum number i.e., 20 patients in a single day 
  2. Operating the youngest patient of Four Years & Ten Months


Pioneering Procedures:

  1. First Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in India-2004.    
  2. First Scar less Sleeve Gastrectomy in India-2009.
  3. First Hybrid NOTES (Trans Vaginal) Sleeve Gastrectomy in Asia Pacific region
  4. Highest weight pt. had Gastric bypass surgery performed (Weight-248 kg,214 kg)-1st time in India
  5. Pioneer in New procedure after revision of RYGB
  6. Metabolic Surgery for Hypercholesterolemia in lean patients.
  1. Shrey Hospital, Ahmedabad (1999-2006)
  2. Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad (2001-2013)
  3. Narayan Hrudalaya, Bangalore (2005-2006)
  4. Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad (2006-2013)
  5. Artemis Hospital, Delhi (2009-2010)
  6. Sir Ganga ram hospital (From January 2022)
  7. Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai (2017-Present)
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